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The holidays are over and winter is here. Keep your dog warm and comfortable inside and outdoors. A lightweight layer of fleece is always cozy, especially at night. A warm dog is a happy dog. Our winter dog clothes are affordable so you can stock up and have plenty for their winter wardrobe.
Dogs love to play in the snow. You can help keep them comfortable in a cozy jacket or waterproof coat. Dogs need jackets for different reasons. Some dogs have very little fur or thin coats and can quickly get cold when they are outside. A jacket will provide a protective layer to help maintain their body heat. A sweatshirt, sweater or hoodie would also help. When selecting the right item for your dog, keep in mind your dog's measurements and always check the size chart. At Doggie Clothesline, we offer a variety of sizes in dog clothes because dogs come in all shapes and sizes.
Planning a winter wedding? See our awesome collection of wedding attire for dogs. Amazing styles for boys and girls.

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