Poochie Bells

Poochie Bells

Poochie Bells. Yes! Your dog can ring... Easy to train and use quickly - 95% success rate. Each Poochie-Bell comes with a suggested training method.

Extra smooth reinforced bells, snapped and looped safely into place so that they won't be pulled or fall off; heavy duty designer durable grosgrain ribbon, strategically placed for small and large breeds.

An intelligent, proven and highly effective training choice. Poochie Bells are recommended and endorsed by professional trainers + breeders throughout the USA.

To read the Poochie-Bells Training Method click HERE.

Doggie Clothesline is proud to offer you Poochie Bells.

Poochie Bells


Poochie BellsPoochie Bells
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Poochie-Bells Training System-

Poochie-Bells are hand made from durable grosgrain ribbon with two sets of strategically placed custom silver bells that are carefully folded and snapped securely into place.

These special bells are made from heavy duty metal with a highly polished finish (nothing like ordinary craft bells) so they won't be destroyed, ensuring your dog's safety.

Large and small breeds can easily reach either set of bells.

Four bells on each Poochie-Bell are just right so that you can easily hear them, but not so loud that they are overbearing.

Top loop unsnaps to accommodate any door handle type.

Each Poochie-Bell system is embellished with a super shiny dog bone tag and complete instructions on how to train your dog.

Poochie-Bells are the perfect combination of function and design and make a wonderful gift.

 Proudly made in the USA  

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Misty Poochie-BellsMisty Poochie-Bells
Pine Poochie-BellsPine Poochie-Bells
Teal Poochie-BellsTeal Poochie-Bells


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