Shop for affordable dog winter clothing in all the latest styles. Sometimes your pet's fur simply isn't enough to keep them comfortable during the chilly days & nights. Short hair dogs always appreciate an extra layer of warmth. We've got your favorite winter dog apparel- just for you and your pup! Our collection of winter dog clothing is available in sizes for small AND large dogs!

Cozy Coats- stretchy fleece, pull-over style in 13 sizes

Fleece Cozy Coat- Black
Fleece Cozy Coat- Black Watch
Fleece Cozy Coat- Blueberry
Fleece Cozy Coat- Camel
Fleece Cozy Coat- Eggplant
Fleece Cozy Coat- Eucalyptus
Fleece Cozy Coat- Fuchsia
Fleece Cozy Coat- Ice Pink
Fleece Cozy Coat- Red Tartan
Fleece Cozy Coat- Robins Egg
Fleece Cozy Coat- Strawberry

Double Fleece Cozy Coats - Two Layers for Extra Warmth

Double Fleece Cozy Coat- Pink/Fuchsia

Dog Hoodies & Fleece Dog Sweatshirts

Black "Security" Dog Hoodie
Black Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt
Bluebird Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt
Camo Fleece Lined Hoodie Sweatshirt- Pink
Dog Hoodie - Blue Curacao
Dog Hoodie - Carnation Pink
Dog Hoodie - Flame Scarlett Red
Dog Hoodie - Glacier Gray
Dog Hoodie - Green Flash
Dog Hoodie - Jet Black
Dog Hoodie - Nautical Blue
Dog Hoodie - Orange Popsicle
Dog Hoodie - Raspberry Sorbet
Dog Hoodie - Ultra Violet
Nautical Blue Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt
Pink "Irresistible" Dog Hoodie
Raspberry Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt
Raspberry Plaid Reversible Hoodie Vest
Red Snowflake Reversible Hoodie Vest
Skull & Crossbones Hoodie- Raspberry
Tangerine Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt
Violet Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt

Dog Jackets & Raincoats

Black Camo Rain Jacket w/ Reflective Strip
Black Wool Dog Coat
Blue Dot Reversible Raincoat
Blue Rain Jacket w/ Reflective Strip
Brown Bomber Dog Coat
Brown Camo Rain Jacket w/ Reflective Strip
Burgundy Wool Dog Coat
Classic Brown Plaid Dog Coat
Classic Pink Plaid Dog Coat
Fleece Lined Stowaway Raincoat- Black
Fleece Lined Stowaway Raincoat- Blue
Nor'easter Blanket Coat- Chive
Nor'easter Blanket Coat- Navy
Nor'easter Blanket Coat- Orange
Nor'easter Blanket Coat- Red
Nor'easter Blanket Dog Coat- Black
Nor'easter Blanket Dog Coat- Violet
Orange Rain Jacket w/ Reflective Strip
Pink Houndstooth Dog Coat
Pink Plaid Wrap Coat
Pink Rain Jacket w/ Reflective Strip
Red Plaid Wrap Coat
Snowdrift Fleece Jacket- Navy
Yellow Rain Jacket w/ Reflective Strip

Large Dog Sweaters

Rugby Dog Sweater- Green
Classic Holiday Sweater
Cozy Cable Knit Sweater- Charcoal
Cozy Cable Knit Sweater- Raspberry
Winter Snowflake Dog Sweater
Avalanche Knit Sweater- Blue
Bostonian Dog Sweater
Ski Lodge Dog Sweater- Brown
Ski Lodge Dog Sweater- Purple
Caribou Creek Sweater- Gray
Avalanche Knit Sweater- Pink

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